The Water Damage Experts: Before & After Photos

water-damage-photosBrandon G. tells us: We were on vacation when a corroded pipe burst open and flooded our entire house. Luckily our neighbor was house-sitting and called us immediately. We got in touch with The Water Damage Experts, put them in contact with our neighbor, and they came out in an hour or to so they could start the water extraction, drying and restoration process. For the next two weeks, they worked tirelessly until they finished. We were able to stay in Hawaii and enjoy our entire vacation without feeling panicked enough to race home. My wife raves about The Water Damage Experts to all her friends and cant say enough about the concern and careful attention they paid to our home.

water-damage-photos2Vanessa K. tells us: After our toilet overflowed, the stench was unbearable. The sewage leaked out into the front area and our dining room, and we were mortified and completely disgusted. Thank God for The Water Damage Experts, they handled the problem so quickly and thoroughly. They disinfected and sanitized our entire first floor and took away the horrible smell. Our place was so sparkling clean by the time they were through, the bathroom mess seemed like a distant memory.

water-damage-photos3Alison P. tells us: I will never forget coming home to an apartment full of water. I called the manager straight away and he contacted The Water Damage Experts. They called me while en route to our building, and were at my apartment within the hour. On the phone they gave me clear instructions and guidelines on what to do and helped calm me down. The water damage crew assessed the damage and got to work immediately taking the water out. I was very shaken up when I first saw the water, but the professionalism of the team, and how they stayed with me on the phone the entire time until they arrived helped so much. I really appreciated it.

water-damage-photos4Samantha Y. tells us: For a while, we couldn’t figure out where that smell was coming from, but my sons friend is very handy and finally figured out it was from water in our crawl space. I didn’t even know I had a crawl space! But when I look back on these pictures and what it looked like at the time I first got a hold of The Water Damage Experts and what it looks like now, the difference is night and day. My son and I also understand the dangerous side effects mold can have on our health. I was getting a lot of headaches and constantly felt stuffed up, and I couldn’t figure out why. When The Water Damage Experts handled the mold problem and did the water extraction in our crawl space, I started feeling better almost immediately. My headaches went away, and I learned a valuable lesson. From now on, if I ever smell a suspicious odor ever again, I will get to the bottom of it right away. Thank you, Water Damage Experts. Thank you.