Crawl Space Water Damage

The crawl space is the low area that building contractors often put below the first floor of a home or building so people can have access to the necessary wiring and plumbing of the structure. While a crawl space is useful for workers, standing water can sometimes build up in the area and cause a multitude of problems. When this happens, a professional water damage company focusing in crawl space restoration should be called immediately for crawl space water damage service. The Water Damage Experts have been crawl space water and sewage flood specialists since 1989.  The excess water in a crawl space can come from a number of different reasons.


  • A sewer drain line leakage
  • A kitchen waste line leakage
  • Flooding coming from a nearby river, brook or stream
  • Sprinkler water coming through the vents of the crawl space
  • A naturally-occurring high groundwater table
  • Gutter downspouts that are directed incorrectly
  • Homeowners watering their plants and foliage too frequently
  • From leaks in swimming pools on rare occasions

Crawl Space Water Damage

Water or damp soil in the crawl space area has the potential to cause extensive water damage, structural problems and healthy concerns. If your home has a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) duct system in the crawlspace and it becomes affected by crawl space moisture, every time you use the HVAC it can spew unhealthy air into your home or business. The moisture can increase microbes in the air and create unhealthy particles which can be harmful to breathe.

Crawl space water can also provide an area for mold to grow that can spread to inhabited areas, not to mention causing sub-floors to buckle and warp under the humidity the water causes. Should a sewer line in your crawl space rupture, the raw sewage that gets released into the crawl space can cause horrible odors in the living space of a home, as well as possible health concerns from taking in sewer gas.

Fixing the Problem

Attempting to solve the problem of crawl space water on your own is not recommended. Proper crawl space remediation and water extraction requires special equipment and expertise to thoroughly handle the problem. If the water caused a wet or damp foundation, a water damage company like The Water Damage Experts will have to dry it for you in order to prevent mold formation. You want to handle the situation correctly the first time so crawl space water does not turn into a recurring problem. The bottom line is, hire a quality crawl space water remediation company to pump out any water in your crawl space. The Water Damage Experts has over 26 years experience in crawl space restoration.

Possible Solutions

Water damage and crawl space restoration companies will make different recommendations according to the extent and cause of the water in your crawl space. If a broker sewer line caused raw sewage to seep into the crawlspace soil, the water damage experts will combat the problem by using a sewer gas evacuator or negative air machine. These pieces of equipment will diffuse the awful odors that reach your home. Sewer gas evacuators and air machines also introduce fresh air from outside in the crawlspace, and this air will help dry out wet soil, wooden blocks and cement.

Depending on the degree of contamination, a water damage remediation company may suggest removing some of the soil from the affected area. If the water has been there for an extended period of time, it will have more opportunity to seep into the soil and cause health hazards. The Water Damage Experts adhere to the strictest health and safety standards should this process be necessary and will either fill in new soil or treat existing soil.

Sometimes, we suggest installing a system of sump pumps into your crawl space to prevent water pooling. We may also recommend installing of a crawl space dehumidifier into the area to keep the degree of humidity at a safe level that discourages mold or any structural damage. In lieu of a crawl space dehumidifier, sometimes we recommend ventilation fans or surrounding the entire crawl space with an extremely thick plastic layer. This durable plastic creates a barrier between your home and the crawl space and protects your home.

While the crawl space water service method we employ will vary according to the problem, rest assured that The Water Damage Experts will fix the problem and fix it well. Crawl space water extraction and restoration is our specialty since 1989.