Sewage Removal

A sewage spill or septic tank overflow in your home can be extremely upsetting and costly, not to mention a potential health hazard. A professional sewage removal and water damage restoration company should be called immediately to help minimize the possibility of nearby soil or ground water becoming contaminated.

The Water Damage Experts have tested methods for proper sewage removal and treatment, which includes removing the sewage and waste-water from the area and treating it to remove the toxic organic and inorganic compounds. We create a solid waste matter that we can then put back into the environment to be reused again.

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What is Sewage?

Sewage is any waste water or materials that is disposed of through sewers. The majority of waste water and sewage is created by kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers and toilets, although commercial businesses also produce sewage in the form of liquid waste. Sewage can also come from water that collects on roofs and high-standing areas. Sewage usually goes to a separate treatment center than storm water does, since storm water could overwhelm a sewage treatment center and create an overflow or spill. Sewage has a nauseating odor, and contains contaminants like raw materials and chemicals that can create biologically harmful and dangerous fumes.

After a Sewage Spill

Should your home or business experience a sewage spill or septic tank overflow of any kind, contact The Water Damage Experts immediately. You should not attempt to handle the situation on your own since it can be hazardous to your health. We wear protective gear and masks to make sure we do not come into contact with the toxic fumes that sewage releases. We also stay very aware of any sinkholes or contaminated soil around the area. When soil does come into contact with the sewage, it has to be removed and replaced. If the septic system has ruptured or is leaking, we will pump the system as well.

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After a spill, you should:

  • Call the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and follow their procedures
  • Stay away from the contaminated area
  • Take measures to make sure your eyes and skin do not touch the raw sewage
  • After a septic tank spill or overflow, drink bottled or boiled water to ensure safety
  • Rid your home of any carpets, rugs or other porous materials came into contact with the sewage
  • Do not use the sewage system again until we have completely treated the issue

You can also contact the National Environmental Services Center for additional tips and suggestions on what you should do after a sewage spill or leak.

Preventing a Sewage Spill

Sewage removal and septic system restoration have the potential to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars. Sadly, many sewage spills and overflows could have been prevented with a little care and maintenance. People often neglect their sewage systems because they do not think about it, and just assume its working properly if they do not smell anything out of the ordinary.

The average septic tank is build to last for about twenty five years. Having routine maintenance checks performed on the system every month is an excellent preventative measure. If you do experience a leak or flood, keep a close eye on the septic tank afterword. A sewage removal and restoration company like The Water Damage Experts is equipped to handle the maintenance, but you can also have the local Board of Health come and inspect the septic tank if you wish.

You should contact a sewage removal and restoration company at the first sign anything is amiss as well. You may detect a foul odor, or spot grass growing on the top of the septic tank. Grass on top of the septic tank indicates the sewage and waste water is moving up instead of flowing downward as the tank is designed to move it. Chlorine will not work to fix the problem, although many homeowners believe this to be true. Chlorine does work in swimming pools and Jacuzzis, but it wont fully treat sewage and waste water. With just a few short steps, you can properly prevent a sewage spill and have a sewage removal company like The Water Damage Experts removing the sewage. Its well worth it.