The Water Damage Experts Privacy Policy

The Water Damage Experts are committed to protecting and maintaining your privacy. This Privacy Policy covers any information we may receive from you while you use our website. It also explains the ways we handle your information during our business together. Please read our Privacy Policy thoroughly prior to using The Water Damage Experts website or utilizing our emergency water damage services. You agree to the specifications of our Privacy Policy and our practices surrounding your privacy when you use our website.

Protecting Your Information

he Water Damage Experts will safeguard any information you submit to us with advanced physical and technical measures explained throughout this Privacy Policy. We take your privacy very seriously, and do everything we can to discourage unauthorized parties from accessing, using or altering any information that could be used to identify you.

The information you provide to The Water Damage Experts is heavily protected, and we disclose it only to our staff and water damage restoration contractors as necessary. We explain the types of information we do collect in this Privacy Policy, and we will never supply insurance companies with your information without your express permission.

We Do Not Sell Personal Information

The Water Damage Experts will never sell or rent your personal information or any data that could be used to personally identify you to any entity whatsoever. Apart from the aforementioned employees in the previous section of this Privacy Policy, water damage remediation companies, and any additional contractors used to complete restoration of your damaged area, The Water Damage Experts will only disclose personal information and data that may personally identify you when required to do so by law or if we see a potential health hazard to the public. Otherwise, your information is reserved under the accordance of this Privacy Policy.

Information We Collect

This section of the Privacy Policy explains they type of information we collect while you visit our site. While you use The Water Damage Experts website, we automatically collect and record general information such as your Internet web browser type, language used, and how you arrived at We track this information for a deeper understanding of how we can better serve our visitors and users of our water extraction and water damage cleanup services. If we find it necessary to share this data, we do so only in the aggregate form of statistics or percentages. The Water Damage Experts also automatically records your IP (Internet Protocol) address when you use the website.

Personal Information

This portion of the Privacy Policy explains the extent of personally-identifiable information we may record. In certain instances, visitors to The Water Damage Experts website may interact with the site in a way where The Water Damage Experts have to acquire information that could be used to identify them. The type of information depends on the transaction and interaction with the site. For example, visitors may offer their email address, name or telephone number. Visitors always have the right to refuse to provide such information. However, not providing some information may lead the visitor to be unable to engage in certain activities and utilize certain portions of the site.

Your Email

If you submit your email address to us, The Water Damage Experts may send emails periodically to inform you about new procedures or to ask for feedback on how we can improve our water damage restoration service. These emails are few and far between. Should you wish to not receive them, please let us know and we will remove your email information from our list immediately.

Protection from Fraudulent Activity

The Water Damage Experts never asks for sensitive financial information, passwords, account numbers or your Social Security Number. All the data we collect is explained in this Privacy Policy. Therefore, should you receive a call from any individual claiming to represent The Water Damage Experts, do not give any of the previously-referred to personal information to him or her. In addition, should you ever doubt the authenticity of someone who says they are employed by The Water Damage Experts, let us know. Disconnect the call immediately and call our water damage remediation service.

Changes to The Water Damage Experts Privacy Policy

Any changes we make to our Privacy Policy will be placed on this page. We do not anticipate making any major adjustments to our Privacy Policy; however, The Water Damage Experts retain sole discretion to make said changes. We encourage visitors to check our Privacy Policy from time to time. By using our website, you agree to any of the aforementioned Privacy Policy procedures as well as any changes we make.

Additional Water Damage Privacy Procedures

Should you desire additional information regarding our Water Damage Experts Privacy Policy or want a further explanation of any of the aforementioned procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us. The Water Damage Experts specialize in water extraction, crawl space restoration and sewage removal and will thoroughly answer any questions you might have. We adhere to all California state laws regarding water damage restoration, sewage removal and mold remediation.