The technician was on time with an immediate response. The Water Damage Experts is a very good company. They were very helpful in a time of need. They were straight forward and gave an honest and professional opinion. Carlos was very good and I would recommend them to anyone. A+ performances.

Pete SamprasBeverly Hills, CA

I was sold the first day your technician came to give us with the estimate. He showed us his credentials and was very informative about what he had found. My insurance sent over another company for an estimate and didn’t talk to us much, and I felt as if he wasn’t interested or didn’t know what he was doing. Your technician was right on top of it all and knows his stuff. He made us feel very comfortable and answered all of our questions and more. When I got the authorization for the clean up, I had to choose between your company and the one my insurance company sent. There was no doubt in my mind – The Water Damage Experts had it hands down. You proved it with a great crew, excellent job and prompt, clean service.
Thanks guys!

Julianna GSan Jose, CA

Your technicians were cheerful, friendly and professional in the face of a daunting task. They worked really hard and they were terrific. The job was very intense – given truly horrid working conditions. Your employees gave good attention to detail and kept me informed all day. I appreciate them very much.

Liz BPalo Alto, CA

After having suffered water damage in my newly remodeled condo I was very stressed and depressed. When Joe arrived at my home he was upbeat, positive, friendly but still professional, and assured me that my problem was manageable, very fixable and that all the water damage would be addressed.

Sandy HSanta Clara, CA

On Sunday the cold weather conspired to clog all of our main drain lines, and we had a terrible flood in the basement of our facility. We are a small non-profit organization and an incident like this can be devastating if we lose supplies, materials and equipment. Your technician came to our rescue-literally. He was extremely polite and personable. He took time to explain his work plan, methods and worked very hard until the job was done. In short he did a fantastic job and we are grateful to him and to your company for sending him to us. We didn’t lose one item.

Floyd SSan Francisco, CA

When the building I manage had a flood in the basement, I thought I had a real nightmare on my hands. I called The Water Damage Experts on a recommendation from a plumbing company, and they came out to extract the water immediately. My building isn’t the easiest to work on; it demands a lot of technical knowledge and experience. The Water Damage Experts thoroughly dried the basement and surrounding areas, testing for mold and any possible contamination of other areas. They completed the project before the agreed-upon date, not to mention finishing well within the estimated price they originally provided on the contract. I can sleep better knowing that I’ve now built a strong working relationship with a reputable water damage restoration company like The Water Damage Experts. I couldn’t give them a higher recommendation.

Terrence T Oakland, CA

My wife and I had recently moved into our new home in North Hollywood, only to find that the plumbing system was very old. A pipe burst about two weeks after we moved in, soaking our entire kitchen and leaving our nerves very frazzled. My first thought was, this is going to be a huge hassle finding a plumber and a water damage company to clear the water. It stood about a foot high. My wife found The Water Damage Experts online and after reading about how important it is to not ignore the problem, we called right away. Your service was exemplary, from how quickly you came to our house to your removal of the water and the drying process. I give you the highest praise I can and would recommend your water damage remediation services to anyone, anytime, without hesitation. You will be the first people I call for any future leaky pipes. (We better not have any more leaky pipes!)

Eric S San Mateo, CA

During the time our entire house was flooded, we stayed with my parents and had to move the entire family out. My husband and I were very relieved to know our home and property was in good hands with The Water Damage Experts. We were very satisfied with how quickly you fixed our restroom area and took care of the slight mold problem that had begun to form before it got any worse. You rushed to rescue our home on New Years Eve, and helped us incredibly. I dont even want to imagine what the damage could have been like if our neighbors hadnt called since we were out of town. When we moved back into our home, you had dried everything out, and professionally cleaned all the towels and rugs in the bathroom. It looked as good as new. Thank you so much.

Adrienne WPleasanton, CA

The last thing I needed after the recession hit my business hard was a flood in the back kitchen, but of course thats exactly what happened. Your men did an excellent job cleaning up the water damage and worked speedily to help get our doors open again. You finished the job well within the quote you gave, and were more than willing to stay late and do whatever was necessary to clean up the mess and prevent any additional water damage from happening. Your help in drying the building to the satisfaction of the city, myself and your very high standards gave me the opportunity to open the restaurant again.

Dan D San Jose, CA

The Water Damage Experts are terrific! You did a great job overall on my home and the job was very professional. Our washing machine broke and left a huge flood in our hall closet and hallway. You removed the water right away and answered all the questions my kids had. They still talk about your huge fans! Your team was very nice and respectful. I never once doubted every step they took. The best part about using your water damage restoration services is that now I know I can rest assured our hallway area is very clean and sanitary!

Lisa J Milpitas, CA

Your performance and strong workmanship far exceeded my wildest expectations. I was very happy with your timeliness and the care you took to restore my office. We are the second company to have used you on our block and certainly wont be the last. I would tell any company faced with an emergency water situation to call you immediately. We got to the office on that fateful Monday morning, only to find the floor covered with water. We didnt even think about the possibility of mold, but you took the care to explain all the possible problems to us. You had your team mobilized and hard at work within an hour or two. They worked so diligently that we were back in the office in no time. We cant thank you enough for how hard you worked for us.

Jeremy P

My technician was awesome and everything went great. I would recommend this company. Overall, I would say that Mr. Wilcox from The Water Damage Experts was a very good communicator and a very nice person.

Fariba TLos Angeles, CA

The technician was professional and I would absolutely recommend your company to others. We are very happy with the work done and thankful that we were referred to The Water Damage Experts.

Diane MDanville, CA

All of the techs at The Water Damage Experts stick to their schedule, always in uniforms and looking friendly and ready to work. We would only recommend The Water Damage Experts to others. They are a well established family run company. They are fair and make sure every job is completed correctly, no matter what it takes.

San Jose PlumbingSan Jose, CA

John from The Water Damage Experts was very helpful even during the emergency. He has been very cheerful and courteous. He was on the job since early AM and did it well, very professional. We were charged fairly and would recommend this company. They deserve a pat on the back! My parents, who own this home, are in their 80’s & 90’s and he was very calming to them. Thank you.

Lola OMartinez, CA

Chris from The Water Damage Experts was on time at 2:00am and worked all night until a crew arrived in the morning. They worked all day. I would recommend them without reservation as competent, professional and pleasant.

William SCupertino, CA

We were out of town and our pet sitter referred them. Once we got home, everything went smoothly to remedy our emergency. All of the techs were very nice and helpful, which is what you need when your house has been flooded.

Lisa G and Mark LMountain View, CA

The technician was on time, professional and was great to work with. I would absolutely recommend The Water Damage Experts.

Katie BLos Altos, CA

Our technician was on time, uniformed well, and I would recommend them to others.

Scott BRedwood City, CA

Our tech, Patrick, was very informative about what was going to be done. He was very easy to talk to and considerate about calling us when he was on his way to our home. His crew was very prompt, polite and helpful. Overall, it was a great and friendly experience. I was sold the first day that Patrick came to give us the estimate and showed us his credentials. My insurance agent sent over another and he didn’t talk to us much and I felt as if he wasn’t interested or didin’t know what he was doing. He could not answer questions about waster or mold. Patrick was right on top of it all and knows his stuff. He made us feel very comfortable and answered all our questions and more. He didn’t make us feel as if we were taking up all his time. When I got the authorization for the clean up, I had to choose between your company the other one. Well, there was now doubt in my mind, The Water Damage Experts had it hands down. And they proved it to us with the great crew, excellent job and prompt, clean service! Thanks guys.

Juliana GAntioch, CA